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I also got a ball very hard in the face which gave me a bloody nose and mouth.

The vastly professional sports science, training and conditioning they undergo means that collisions now happen at high speed, with correspondingly greater collateral damage — and the desperation to win breaks down any lingering inhibitions against piling into opponents.

She says she is a shopaholic, who won't go out without her trademark pearl earrings.

9 Sam Quek, 27: The defender, who has been playing hockey since she was ten, is also a swimwear model and the girlfriend of property investor Tom Mairs, who appeared on the Channel 4 show The Secret Millionaire.

Vegan Alex eats tofu, beans and dairy to get enough protein.

Elsewhere, the match — which Britain won 3-0 — saw a series of crunching clashes with bodies, sticks and the hard yellow ball flying everywhere.But she went away, retrained and returned with a fitness rating higher than that needed for the Royal Marines.Having recently completed an Open University degree, she would like to become a teacher.This was perhaps because we spent so much time walking dutifully on the left of the corridors as instructed, opening doors for teachers and being polite to visitors, that the moment we got outside with a hefty stick in our hands, 'bullying off' against our deadly rivals, the red mist descended.Rumour has it that even the winsome, willowy Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton, stars of the Marlborough College hockey 1st XI, which Kate captained, were not above some fearsome tackling.

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