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In the early days they were important in projecting the image of the Internet as a 'cool' phenomenon.

Commissioned to develop an Internet event for an arts weekend at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, and inspired by the SFnet terminal based cafes, Pope wrote a proposal outlining the concept of a café with Internet access.Although computer and broadband penetration per capita were very high, young people went to PC bangs to play multiplayer games.Internet cafés are located worldwide, and many people use them when traveling to access webmail and instant messaging services to keep in touch with family and friends.As with telephone service, in the US most mid-price hotels offer Internet access from a computer in the lobby to registered guests without charging an additional fee, while fancier hotels are more likely to charge for the use of a computer in their "business center." For those traveling by road in North America, many truck stops have Internet kiosks, for which a typical charge is around 20 cents per minute.Internet cafés come in a wide range of styles, reflecting their location, main clientele, and sometimes, the social agenda of the proprietors.

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