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Read More » Jono Zalay is a standup comedian that recently moved back to California.

If you don’t believe me, I’ve just given you a way to see for yourself.

If you are looking to fuck girls easily, nowhere compares to the Philippines.

Throughout the years his family has made a tradition of being “characters” in their driver license photos.

Naturally, Zalay wanted to live up to the family name when going to get his new California license.

This is the type of thing that won’t happen so easily in other countries.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, you don’t have to.

Not Dominican Republic, (where I slept with 31 girls in 24 days and had a harem), not Colombia (where I would never spend a night alone), not Thailand (with the most sexual girls in the world), not even Ukraine (where you can get dates with as many model looking girls as you want), nor any other of the well known pussy paradises we are always writing about here on Swoop The World… In no other place on the planet will you get so much attention from attractive women.

I have been to and sent many people to that website, and what is insane is not just how often attractive girls respond to you, but how many girls message YOU.

This is something that defies human psychology, as attractive women are not supposed to start out chasing.

This is the only place I have ever heard of where guys have been sleeping with three new girls a day.

The Philippines is the place where a Westerner has by far the highest value.

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