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However, Kutner did have a dark side, bullying a boy named Jonathan, although it appeared to be more in the naure of social ostracism rather than physical violence.He apologized Johnathan after seeing the results of the bullying of one of his patients in "Joy to the World".He agrees, but then Cameron tells House that there are nodules on Meatloaf's fingers, and he may have a curable disease.She's correct, and House tells him that he has a fungal infection and he's completely curable.He showed great promise in high school, winning a Westinghouse Science award for an experiment involving dark matter.His adoptive parents mused that he showed a freethinking, inventive streak from a young age.The plot continues to revolve around the issue of suicide, from the woman trying to kill herself to save her husband and donate her heart, to her husband demanding to donate his kidney to save his wife, and of course, Kutner's suicide, which House simply cannot wrap his mind around.

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However, he found himself in a room with 39 other applicants competing for the three open positions.

Chris Taub recalled that "He wanted to be a doctor since seeing 'M. This drew him to take atypical paths in his career and personal life.

One such example is when he decided to break the world record for distance crawling.

Before becoming a doctor, one of his jobs was selling men's fragrances in a department store.

He admitted it was a miserable job, but he wasn't miserable doing it.

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