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The EBS Finance & Investment Association aims to promote exchange between students and the financial world through a space for networking and discussion.At the many activities and events organized throughout the year, students get the opportunity to meet professionals and alumni working in various financial positions, and become familiar with the business world.https:// Enactus carries out social and sustainable entrepreneurship projects at EBS Paris.

At this lively, original event, the accent is placed on the values ​​of competition and interaction between students and business circles – values shared by ebs Paris.This team represents the school at the various education fairs, high school visits, and forums, and organizes the open days and open evenings.https:// ebs values sport highly for its capacity to develop commitment, team spirit, and well-being.Sport boosts physical and mental development and helps keep students dynamic and motivated.ebs has opted to make sport an integral part of its students’ experience, and has a partnership agreement with Forest Hill so they can take advantage of an enormous sports center.This sports association organizes a number of inter-school sporting events in many different disciplines, and participates in regional competitions. It offers an annual membership card giving access to all sorts of activities in all its clubs and pools, seven days a week: gym, aerobics classes, weights or relaxation, racket sports (tennis, squash), water sports in the Paris Aquatic Center (aquagym, swimming, etc.).

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