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The shuttles are launched and arrive at the space station, where its sole cosmonaut Lev Andropov helps with refueling.A major fire breaks out during the fueling process, forcing the crews, including Lev, to evacuate in the shuttles before the station explodes. was aboard the Independence, is traumatized by this news, believing he was killed. J., Lev, and "Bear" (another of Harry's crew) survive the impact and head towards the Freedom target site in their Armadillo.A massive meteor shower destroys the orbiting Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombards a swath of land around the North Atlantic.NASA discovers through the Hubble Space Telescope that the meteors were debris propelled from the asteroid belt by a rogue asteroid roughly the size of Texas, christened "Dottie" by its discoverer.'We weren't overly worried but we took her to the emergency room to get her checked so we don't get stressed out over nothing,' she said.'Thankfully, one of the nurses had some experience with infantile spasms so she knew something wasn't right with Adalind.'The family were then transferred to Frankston Hospital where scans found an abnormal electrical pattern in her brain, known as a hypsarrhythmia.'They observed her over a couple of days and they had suspicions of what her condition was,' Ms Judd said.'Usually these subtle seizures go unnoticed or misdiagnosed with other types of baby conditions.But fortunately, the doctors recognised her condition.'After she was diagnosed, we went to Sydney Children's Hospital where she started treatment straight away, thankfully it was a quick process.'Failure to diagnose the condition early can lead to permanent brain damage. She did go back to her normal weight but now she's big again.'Ms Judd said when her daughter was on steroids, she was left feeling emotional.'When she was on the drug, she was really miserable and not engaging.The condition causes Adalind to have seizures continuously but her mother said she treats her daughter with medication to alleviate the spasms.'On average, she has between two to four seizures a day, and each lasts around eight minutes,' Ms Judd said.'The seizures are not painful for her but she does get upset or agitated when the seizures wake her up from her sleep.'Initially, little Adalind was taking steroids to treat her condition, during which she gained weight from the drug.'She put on a mammoth weight - three kilos in 10 days,' Ms Judd said, laughing.'The steroids turned her into a chubby bubba. But since switching over to epilim, there's been a positive change,' she said.'For a while, we didn't see her smile or laugh in a long time, it was hard to watch. She's now a happy baby.'When she does suffer a seizure, her mother would roll her to the side.'Luckily for Adalind, her airways aren't affected.We would roll her to the side or try and lay her flat,' Ms Judd said.'When she gets older, she'll have to wear a helmet or she can actually crack her head if she falls to the ground.'Right now, she's a baby, so it's really easy to manage.

NASA puts Harry and his crew through a short and rigorous astronaut training program, while Harry's team re-outfit the mobile drillers, "Armadillos", for the job.

The shuttles perform the slingshot around the Moon, but approaching the asteroid, the Independence's engines are destroyed by trailing debris, and it crash-lands on the asteroid. Freedom safely lands on the asteroid, but overshoots the target zone, landing on a much harder metallic field than planned, and their drilling quickly falls behind schedule.

The military initiates a backup plan they call "secondary protocol", planning to remotely detonate the weapon at the asteroid's surface, despite Truman and Harry's insistence that it would be ineffective.

I do get mum guilt trying to spend time with both of them so neither of them feel abandoned.'And despite treating her daughter with medication, Ms Judd said little Adalind's future is still unknown.'It's really awful,' she said.'She's still showing positive signs, she can sit up and crawl but we don't know if she'll talk or walk when she gets older.'She has a 70 per cent chance of evolving into other types of epilepsy, 50 per cent chance of autism and 50 per cent chance of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome - so we don't know what her outcome would be.'We still don't know what triggered the condition, we're trying to chase down the cause of it.

We're trying to figure out the syndrome.'By sharing their story, Ms Judd wanted other families to recognise the simple signs of the condition to prevent their children from suffering a brain damage.

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