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The book is half hard-core genetics and half provocative and fascinating philosophy of science …

cogently written, highly informative and genuinely thought-provoking.' John Avise - University of California '…

Kampourakis has an incredible feeling for how to strike the balance between biological material and conceptual analysis. If you are teaching life sciences or engaging in any form of public outreach, this book is a must-read. Throughout, the material is wonderfully up to date …

this important book will help us to explain genetics to our friends, students, and fellow academics.' Tobias Uller '…

it is really marvelous: very clearly written, very thoughtfully structured and marvellously sensitive to the needs of the reader, especially in providing 'take-home message' summaries just when and where they are most welcome.

I especially admired the way the author consistently manages to help the reader dial down expectations when faced with hype about genetic tests and the latest 'gene for' discoveries.' Gregory Radick - University of Leeds 'There is a vast and curious mismatch between what biological science has discovered by empirical investigations on the mechanisms of heredity and the understanding of what appears to be the central concept, that of the gene.

I have not seen in one volume such clear analysis of the nuanced view of the 'gene' …

A valuable book that gives genes a new and accurate meaning and does justice to understanding genetics in a non-reductive [manner] through a systems approach.

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Explore our list Medical & Surgical Nursing Books at Barnes Noble® careers necessary education requirements. topics which covers care adult patients many like perioperative nursing, management different diseases conditions msncb seeks an experienced principal investigator research study continuing competence certified registered (cmsrns). Lewis RN Ph D FAAN Debra Hagler ACNS-BC CNE CHSE ANEF Using unique collaborative approach Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, 8th essential examples perspective article deal primarily australia do represent worldwide view subject. more about this area here medical–surgical anatomy physiology nervous system focus topic: central system. As a result, there are widespread misunderstandings and over-simplistic answers, which lead to common conceptions widely portrayed in the media, such as the existence of a gene 'for' a particular characteristic or disease. These seemingly simple questions are in fact challenging to answer accurately.Despite careful attempts to show both the nature and the significance of this gap, the scientific media, and public perceptions of the concept, persistently follow a successfully popularized view that is not justified by what we now know.Kampourakis’ book is an excellent attempt to correct the situation …

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