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OAB is stored on Exchange servers (see my previous article https://ficility.net/2013/03/04/oab-differences-between-exchange-2010-and-exchange-2013-in-brief/) and downloaded to client once Outlook is configured in Cached mode.

I would like to test modes of using address book, while Outlook is in cached mode. These methods depends on registry settings of Outlook (full article here: shortly: If the following registry key is present (XX.0 means office version – 15.0 for Office 2013), Outlook behaves upon the DWORD value inside: Download OAB DWORD supported values: 0 = The Offline Address Book does not download automatically.

Since the OAB regenerates every morning, there will be 400 megabytes of extra network traffic each morning as 200 users download the extra 2mb worth of photos in the OAB.

At Catapult, our OAB only increased by a factor of 3k per user, the file increased from 367kbytes to 973kbytes (see screenshots below).

Historically, there have been two ways to have photos appear in Outlook: each end user can manually add them on the client side or a server administrator can upload them on the server side.

There is now a third method that compliments the other two.

It looks like Microsoft was inspired by the popular Xobni plug-in =) The OSC will show photos from local contacts, the Global Address List, or 3rd party connectors.This was probably because I restricted the size of the JPG photo to 160 x 160 pixels.This additional bandwidth may not be an issue if the Exchange Server is located on the same LAN segment as the user population.I want to see how it looks when: 1) Mode 1 – The Offline Address Book uses the Download Full Items download mode.a)Download OAB and check b)Change GAL and test downloading OAB instantly c)Update OAB and check 2) Mode 0 – The Offline Address Book does not download automatically.

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