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The film’s use of drab colours, close-ups and short focus effectively creates the world of a man hemmed in not just by political repression, but also by his disappointing middle-management job and abandoned youthful dreams.The nocturnal Buenos Aires through which he wanders is uncomfortably multi-coloured, blurry, inapprehensible.The film’s protagonist (a prize-winning performance by Liliana Trujillo) is a police officer, gambler and alcoholic, who lives with her troublesome daughter and baby granddaughter.When her daughter disappears without explanation, Rosa finds herself having to look after the baby, with catastrophic results.The BAFICI has also become something of a cultural referent in Latin American festival circuits (it has, for instance, inspired similar initiatives in other countries, such as the SANFIC in Santiago de Chile), and this is perhaps a double-edged sword, lending it more of an established character than it might wish for itself.Many of the most striking films in the program arrived in Buenos Aires via Venice, Berlin or Toronto.

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Ignacio Masllorens and Estanislao Buisel, which interacts in a self-consciously intellectual fashion with the work of the legendary Argentine director Hugo Santiago).The inclusion of a Human Rights competition, moreover, proved an innovative method for drawing attention to particularly socially engaged forms of documentary-making.Indeed, for all its imperfections, the festival’s altered structure certainly served up a rich and strange selection of films.Those who did stay to the end were rewarded with an extraordinary final sequence, which uses sudden distance and changed perspective to provoke an emotionally charged reflection on what has gone before.Castro’s project is a high-stakes gamble, then, which just about pays off. Jonatan Relayze Chiang) presents another vision of a Latin American metropolis, in this case Lima, as an overwhelming sensory experience.

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    Inspired by the miniature lead soldiers invented in Germany in the 1800s, Satorre draws a parallel between playfulness and Colonialism – which is responsible for numerous ecological devastations.

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