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A spokesperson from CB12 Spray who commissioned the poll of 2,000 Britons said: “Our survey shows that dating in 2017 comes with more hurdles than ever.

“Fortunately bad breath is one thing that can be dealt with easily, meaning there’s one less thing to worry about on a first date.” We previously revealed how a Brit dating expert told men to avoid ‘overweight and entitled’ UK women…

‘It might be something that comes with a little experience, but there’s nothing embarrassing about any of it. ’ Of course, every man is different – so don’t feel bad if your partner likes a bit of teeth, grinding and porn star moaning.

Frankly I find a lot of the noises quite funny, and being with a lady that’s comfortable enough to give a little giggle about them is super endearing. And if you aren’t sure, hey, you can always just ask.

"Ashtray mouth" has been revealed as the biggest turn off when it comes to a first kiss with a prospective partner – a new report has revealed.

The poll, conducted by the bespoke dating service Mutual uk asked 400 men and women their top ten turn-offs when sharing a first kiss. And, despite slobbery kissers and bad breath being all too common (and disgusting!

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A spokesman for the company commented: 'Women getting tattoos is becoming increasingly common in today’s society.

Researchers took a detailed look into the love lives of single Brits and came up with a definitive list of dating faux pas for both men and women.

Constantly being on the phone is one of the top dating ‘deal breakers’ for the nation’s women, according to a new study According to the women who took part in the study, the biggest turn offs include checking a phone every five minutes, flirting with the waitress – or the cardinal sin of using too much fake tan.

But, if it's terrible, the entire date will be tainted forever.

TOP KISSING TIPSAnd that's why smokers need to take note of Mutual uk's latest findings!

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