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Three years ago, Kurt had bought her two horses when his time away was really getting out of hand as was his near-total-lack of interest in lovemaking with her. "I'm sure Pete told you about my past," he said as he turned away and started getting Dawson ready for her to ride. I'm sure he won't believe me unless I give him advanced warning and he might still ask you if I'm telling the truth. Something just didn't fit, and Parker was as sure as she could be that Austin wasn't a bad kid let alone Seattle's next Ted Bundy.It was a sincere gesture on his part, but to Parker, it seemed like he was trying to buy her off or assuage his guilt. I mean, back in the day as you called it, she was truly beautiful. Or maybe Lunden." Parker actually came close to laughing before correcting him. My last name is Blackman." The young man rubbed the back of his head and said, "Boy. I should probably quit while I'm still only behind, huh? "Oh, um...yes, he mentioned something about something. He may have made a mistake, but he'd paid for it, and if was telling the truth, how could she justify being afraid of him?

Fun was an essential and she'd precious little of it even as her friends partied endlessly and studied in between.

Bye," she said weakly as the sadness engulfed her again. Worst all, the continual self-deception was such a part of her life she now had trouble telling fantasy from reality.

But his kindness was killing her while the endless loneliness was tearing her apart.

Either way, horses were no substitute for the love and tenderness she so desperately craved, but she soon found herself spending as much time with them as possible. It's very kind of him to say, but..." "No, Pete pretty much nailed it. Well, like she used to anyway," he said flashing a perfect smile at her. " Parker was having trouble picturing this very pleasant, very handsome young man assaulting anyone and yet Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer from an area just a few miles away, had also been a rather attractive man who'd used his good looks to his own sick advantage. I didn't really pay much attention," she said feeling guilty for thinking he could be another Ted Bundy. "I told my side of the story many times before I went to court where the judge told me it was my word against the word of the other guy—the guy my mom was dating. He had my mom pinned up against the wall with his forearm on her throat. I was going to take her out as soon as I finished brushing her, but since you'll be out on the trails, I'll wait until your back." "Well, listen. I really feel awful about, you know, and well, please don't wait just because of me. I mean, if you don't mind or if you even want to or..." Austin smiled but didn't laugh. After all, she had to admit she'd been given a second chance a time or two herself.

Parker had never even ridden a horse, but she found someone to teach her at the stables where the horses were kept and cared for, and soon found herself looking forward to going for a morning ride in the cool, crisp air as often as she could. "In all honesty, I'd say you're by far the betting looking of the two." His smile was incredible and for a brief moment she let her guard down. I don't think it's true, but it was still very nice of you to say it." She realized she was standing there staring before she spoke again. Bundy was nowhere near as handsome as this....stable boy, but he'd been attractive enough to lure many young women into his VW bug only to viciously kill them. I'd seen her get pushed around many times and even slapped once or twice. How could she not extend the same courtesy to him until she had reason to do otherwise? I don't need to give Pete any reason to say I'm not doing my job.

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