Updating site content type failed infopath 2015

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We first ventured down the Form Library path, but due to certain issues, we ended up re-doing the solution using List Form. Please note that this is all in the context of browser-enabled forms with no code behind.

With Form Library, your submitted data is saved as an XML document in a Share Point library.

It seems that either of these cause the app pool of the target site collection to recycle, and therefore add a few seconds to each dev-debug cycle (depending on how fast your dev machine is).

In the long run this adds up and reduces your productivity.

Click on Next Next, you need to provide the path of the Info Path forms library. Click Next Th The form content type always points to a form template. Provide a path where you want to store the template.

(note: I have hidden part of the URL for privacy purposes) Add the needed properties you want to publish and click on Next.

Recently I had to decide between Info Path Form Library and Info Path List Form.

With Info Path List Form, during development you would publish the form to the target list using Info Path Designer.

This is very quick and does not cause the app pool to recycle. The promoted fields cannot be referenced in Nintex’s Update Item activity.

Form Library allows read-only users to edit the form. Below I have logged in as a read-only user and selects a submitted form in the library.

Only when the user attempts to save the changes, does the Form Library reports an access denied error. Note how Edit does appear as an option on the callout menu (this is good).

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